VDB Farms is a certified organic farm. We practice management intensive grazing for the health of the animals and of the land. Our beef steers are raised Organicaly on fresh pasture directly harvesting the sun’s energy to produce lean, healthy, flavorful meat. We use no confinement, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on either the animals or the land. We offer 100% grassfed & grass finished beef, free-range chicken, brown eggs and handmade soaps. Visitors are welcome, but please message us to arrange one.

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The cattle we raise are breeds which have escaped genetic tampering and graze on fresh, organic pasture which directly harvests the sun’s energy to produce nutrient rich, healthy, flavorful meat! Our livestock are raised humanely, rotating through different pastures and getting all the fresh air and sunshine they need. 

We raise 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef cattle. The breeds we raise have escaped genetic tampering and has not been modified to a grain-based diet 

The breeds are moderate framed, highly fertile, efficient, and grow and finishes well on grass. 

For our egg layers, we raise  Amber Lites for brown eggs and Leghorns for white eggs. They are allowed to roam the pasture all year long and in supplement to the bugs and other goodies they find, we feed them Certified Organic Poultry Feed from Cashton Farm Supply. 

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